Trulli Audio Enters the Portable Speaker Market with the Innovation-filled JAM5

First of its kind, perimeter-driven technology brings audiophile standards to an affordable, portable speaker platform

Update: March 14th, 2022, 9:00 a.m. CST: The price of the Trulli JAM5 has changed from $199 to $249. 

Mundelein, IL November 16, 2021 - Trulli Audio is excited to introduce to the world the JAM5, the first in a line of revolutionary portable speakers powered by Trulli’s patented, ThinDriver™ technology. The JAM5 is a small, portable speaker made for music lovers that expect high fidelity performance from their speakers, even taking their speaker from room to room or outdoors. To meet this need, the JAM5 delivers accurate, clear highs, full mids, and tight lows, for maximum transparency, allowing the music to be fully heard, without speaker coloration. The JAM5’s minimalist design is at home in the most style-minded of spaces, but rugged enough for the demands of outdoor life with a rating of IPX4. A speaker made for serious music listening in all settings, the JAM5 is hand-assembled in the US and available now for $199 at

JAM5 At a Glance

  • Audiophile performance in a small Bluetooth® speaker
  • Sound powered by Trulli patented ThinDriver™
  • Clear, accurate sound profile
  • Excels at the nuances and frequencies of Rock, Jazz, Classical and Soundtracks
  • Refined, minimalist design
  • Rugged enclosure IPX4
  • Extremely simple to connect
  • $199

Made For the Serious Music Lover, Attainable By Everyone

The JAM5 was conceived with the aim of utilizing materials and concepts normally found in audiophile-quality speakers, then scaling them into a durable and portable platform without a compromise in sound. This led the Trulli team to, neodymium magnets for driver performance and a chambered enclosure. The JAM5 was design to optimize every part of the speaker to work symbiotically to deliver sound performance beyond the individual specs of each component. The patented, dual TD38 ThinDrivers™, additional tweeter, and custom passive radiators work in concert with the enclosure itself to such an extent that the drivers are even adjusted to capitalize on the auditory effects that the all-metal grill has on sound output. Bringing all this innovation and craftsmanship together, the finely tuned DSP also went through hundreds of iterations to reproduce music in its ideal state, with total clarity and just the right amount of harmonic distortion for warmth. Additionally, for music creators who require a no-latency digital audio solution, the USB-C port can connect directly to a mac or pc for real-time monitoring. The JAM5 is a precision engineered audio device made to produce goosebump-inducing sound, all in a small format that anyone can own.

“We used the best performing materials in the world and matched them with an extensively refined and tested design, driven by only one thing: to create the best all-around portable speaker available.”


Powered by Trulli’s Patented, ThinDriver™ Technology

At the heart of the Trulli sound is their own ThinDriver™. Years in development, the multi-patented driver utilizes an open ring of powerful n48 Neodymium magnets around a large, perimeter driven voice coil to produce stunning efficiency, faster transients, and more power than traditional center-magnet designs, at a fraction of the weight and dimensions. The design maintains X-max, while eliminating the need for a cone. This allows the driver to fit into enclosures that would be impossible to house traditional drivers of comparable performance and produce sound larger than their dimensions should make possible.The possibilities of the ThinDriver™ technology are just beginning to be pushed by Trulli, and future products will make even more extreme use of its unique properties, with additional products already in the pipeline for late 2022/23.

Trulli ThinDriver™ At a Glance

  • 4x lighter
  • 3x thinner
  • Maintains X-max
  • Less power consumption
  • Faster transients

Designed and Hand-Assembled Locally

Trulli’s mission is to not only create breakthrough speaker products, but to also manufacture them at their headquarters in Mundelein, IL utilizing as many components from local partners as possible. They have made great efforts, even as an independent company, to seek out premium components from suppliers within Illinois, and nearby states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. And while it remains an ongoing process, and challenges with parts have only become exponentially greater in the last year, Trulli is dedicated to supporting local manufacturing and fabrication in their community.

About Trulli Audio

Trulli Audio is an independent speaker company based in Mundelein, IL. Since its founding by Len Foxman in 2016, Trulli has had the mission to help music lovers fully experience the music they love without compromise, anywhere and everywhere they want superior sound. The company was born from Len’s lifelong love of Jazz, matched with his extensive engineering credentials as long-time leader and president of Eagle Test Systems (NASDAQ : EGLT), which was acquired by Teradyne (NASDAQ : TER) in 2008.


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