Purchase with Confidence

Our 45-day trial period allows you to test our products out in your own atmosphere so you can experience their full effects.

How the Trial Works

Purchase a Trulli speaker

Hearing is believing—bring home a Trulli speaker so you can try it for yourself.

Please note: It is a requirement to keep the packaging and all the components originally included.

45 Day Risk-Free Trial

Whether on a stand in your living room, or strapped to your golf cart, we encourage you to test our products in a variety of environments. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let us know within 45 days of the original shipment date, and we will refund the full price and pay for return shipping. No strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Need to Make a Return?

If you would like to return your product after the 45-day trial period you will need to speak with one of our sales associates to assess the reason for return and decide if a refund can be authorized.

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