Trulli Team

CEO & Investor

Len Foxman

Len’s love of music started at an early age. When Rock n’ roll was king, but his Music Appreciation teacher focused heavily on classical. This new sound resonated with Len, so his teacher


Jordan Neuhauser

At the ripe old age of 14, Jordan created his first company: BOOM ENTERTAINMENT, an event planning company dedicated to creating memorable rallies, dances, festivals, and musicals for Chicagoland high schools.


Ken Morrison

Ken is a music lover who enjoys exploring the interplay of music and mood. He fondly recalls a starry evening at an open air bar and grill in Hawaii when a local artist started playing “Brown Eyed Girl” and he watched his wife’s eyes light up.

Product Development

Steve Price

Steve is both a music lover and a guitarist, giving him a unique perspective that enhances his work heading up the Product Development for Trulli. 

Supply / Demand Chain

Kurt Eilrich

A lifelong music lover, Kurt grew up in the 60s and 70s where he and his siblings were schooled on an extensive library of classic vinyl and eight tracks.

Product Development

John Pierson

John combines a love of boutique guitars and amplifiers with an engineer's perspective on how to make things work and then make them work better.

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