Perimeter Driven Technology

Proudly Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in the USA

The electric loudspeaker was originally patented in 1925 by Chester W. Rice and Edward W. Kellogg. While there have certainly been improvements, little has fundamentally changed, until now. At Trulli Audio we have reinvented the speaker with our multi-patented ThinDriver™, and aim to revolutionize how and where we listen to the music we love.

Years in development, the multi-patented ThinDriver™ utilizes an open ring of powerful Neodymium magnets around a large, perimeter driven voice coil to produce stunning efficiency, faster transients, and more output than traditional center-magnet designs, at a fraction of the weight and dimensions. The design maintains Xmax while eliminating size, meaning the design allows for a thin profile without sacrificing the volume of air moved by the diaphragm. Our design also eliminates the need for a traditional cone. This allows the driver to fit into enclosures that would be impossible to house traditional drivers of comparable performance and produce sound larger than their dimensions should make possible.

Trulli ThinDriver™

4x lighter
3x thinner
Maintains Xmax
Less power consumption
Faster transients

Traditional Driver

1932 Design
Capable of large Xmax
Requires a lot of power
Transients can easily weaken, distort


ThinDriver™ technology scales. The larger the driver, the more benefit. When comparing traditionally deep mid-range drivers & subwoofers, ThinDriver™ technology delivers a benefit of approximately 4x less weight. We’ve accomplished this by utilizing a low-profile basket and diaphragm design, a new motor structure, and by leveraging the high flux density of Neodymium magnets. This ensures we keep the weight and size to an absolute minimum footprint.


Heat is a real problem for traditionally designed speakers given the small centrally located voice coil wrapped with magnets and limited paths for heat to exit. The longer you play music, the more work and stress you're applying to the electrical and mechanical components of a speaker. Trulli perimeter-driven technology allows for better cooling, maximizing the power, strength, and efficiency of the entire speaker system. 


Transient response is critically important when describing the speaker's ability to start and stop exactly when the sound from the music or instrument is demanding. Trulli's ThinDriver technology enables the most accurate, speedy & tight transients which translates to sounds not typically created by a driver of this size. Additionally, we leverage a perimeter-driven voice coil enabling us to control the diaphragm from the perimeter of the speaker vs a small voice coil and cone. 


Typically, speakers use a cone diaphragm made of paper pulp composites, carbon, or even Kevlar. While those can be strong, they can still become heavy and have strange dampening factors that translate to poor sound reproduction. Trulli's closed-cell foam core diaphragm enables us to have an even greater strength & better sound.


The distance a speaker voice coil can move in one direction without leaving the magnetic zone. The more movement from a speaker, the more air the speaker moves. This is crucial when producing mid-range and lower musical frequencies. ThinDriver™ technology has the largest Xmax vs overall depth and lightest weight of any speaker in the world. 


Our goal is to create an efficient driver while ensuring that our overall footprint is incredibly small. In return, we're enabling an overall sensitive solution across a lower band of frequencies that is unheard of. This is achieved through advanced test measurements, material science, and tight manufacturing tolerances. We also pride ourselves on the ability to maintain those efficiency levels for extended periods.

Built in America

ThinDriver™ technology is designed and assembled in America, and we strive to source a majority of components from American suppliers. While not always easy or feasible, we feel it's imperative that we bring electronics manufacturing to our community.

The Secret Is How It All Works Together

While the performance of each component is formidable, The JAM5 is designed to work as a single instrument, beyond the sum of its parts.

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